Antonia Lawrence

Like fresh rain in the dawn of morning, Antonia Lawrence is an artist who has a new appeal with an old school vibe.

Like fresh rain in the dawn of morning, Antonia is an artist who has a new appeal with an old school vibe. Aptly titled, Antonia’s music ministry is called, Fresh Rain Music.

Antonia, the singer, song writer, worship leader and speaker, is often called inspirational and refreshing in the music industry. Her voice captivates, as her message is delivered from the heart. On stage and beyond, Antonia’s energy is empowering and designed to ignite service to God and those whose lives might be changed by the power of a song. Antonia embodies the current trend among successful artists in the music industry. She is versatility!

Her music is reflected in her rich multi-cultural background: British, Canadian, and Jamaican. Antonia’s music blends her ethnicity with her life experience in God. This is heard in her lyrics and rhythms. Antonia’s musical style ranges from R&B, to Jazz, Hip-Hop, and Reggae. As a singer and songwriter, Antonia’s music is filled with an ever-present Spirit of Gratitude to Praise God. The God-Bestowed brilliance in her original music is designed to encourage as she gratefully celebrates the power of music.

Ultimately, Antonia’s desire is to enlighten and refresh the listener to experience the music and the message. Antonia has traveled globally, sharing her gift of song with the world. She has toured varied events including churches, conferences, trade shows, concerts and more as far as England, Brazil, The Caribbean Islands, North America, and beyond. Antonia asserts, “My career taught me there is no substitute for prayer and hard work.” She has worked with many artists who include both Israel Houghton and Alvin Slaughter. Antonia has been graciously recognized for her accomplishments and awaits more through her dedication and hard work; both People You Need to Know magazine and the Gospel Choice Awards have honored her, thus far.