From the age of 13, Michael "MikeGz" Glover began to the the world his story through music! Today, MikeGz is setting the atmosphere ablaze for Christ with a streetwise sound than can only be found in today's secular hip-hop!

It all started at the age of 13, when Michael "MikeGz" Glover put pen to paper and began to tell the world his story through music. Mike had always shown a great love for music, drawing strong influence from such artists as Ne-Yo, Prince, Lil' Wayne, T.I. Ludacris to even Rascal Flatts! While attending Peace Baptist Church, Mike was introduced to "GosRap" by one of the hottest up and coming producers of the art, Trip DZ. Realizing that this was something that God put him on this earth to do, his passion intensified greatly!

As Mike says, "My biggest goal in this business is not to go Platinum or win all of the awards, but to create music that is just as hot as a T-Pain or Young Jeezy record, but strictly gospel! There are so many kids that can't get into the "Church Choir" sound, so I don't see anything why I can't give 'em the sound they want with the message that they need!"

MikeGz started his career in a group with Trip DZ named Soul'd Out (for Christ). Over time he realized that he had an amazing drive and dedication to take his music to the next level. Since then, he has come out with two mixtapes, the first was titled Soul'd Out Volume 1, and the second was his first solo mix entitled "Kid Tested, Mother Approved". After receiving an overwhelmingly positive response from his fans, he has continued to act upon the call that The Lord has put upon his life and keep pushing forward to reach the world with the gospel through his talent! Doors have opened for him to perform all over the country, and even an opportunity to perform at Holy Hip-Hop Awards in 2008 and 2010! He has even opened for Canton Jones, Javen, Darwin Hopps and many other notable artists in the business! Be on the lookout for this fine, young artist - because God has great things on the horizon for him to accomplish!