Veronica Brown





Veronica Brown’s love for gospel music runs deep and she’s so excited to share that love with
the world as a gospel artist. When asked why she feels so strongly about gospel music,
Brown affirms, “Gospel is the original soul music! And it reaches the heart of man. There
is nothing more fulfilling to me than to reach people with Jesus!”

“Every Christian is either a missionary or an impostor.” – Charles Spurgeon

Spreading the gospel with a very unique brand of “Evangelistic Soul,” Veronica Brown
is no impostor. In fact, she’s the real deal. Fresh off the heels of her brand new single “I
Feel Blessed,” Veronica is on a mission to remind listeners of how truly blessed they
are. The soulful tune with it’s soothing but urgent groove effectively encourages and
inspires. When asked how she came to record the song, Brown jokes, “At first I didn’t
like it! I tend to like more up-tempo songs because I like to dance. But as I continued to
listen and sit with it, the message really stuck with me and I fell in love with it.” After
having personally experienced God changing impossible situations in her own life,
Veronica uses her beautifully warm alto voice to pay that blessed assurance forward.

“No matter where you are in your life, no matter the circumstance, you are blessed. You have to know he can turn this around for you.”

A Detroit native, Veronica was raised in a home filled with music. Her father, a singer
known at the time for his high vocal range was a member of the The Mighty Mid-South
Singers, a popular gospel group that traveled extensively in the region and had several
hit songs. But it was Brown’s mother, a talented vocalist in her own right that she
attributes her distinctive tone. For me and my seven brothers and sisters, that’s all we knew to do was
sing!” remembers Brown. With all that musical talent in one household, Veronica still
stood out. With Brown’s father getting to sing professionally and her mother having to
stay home, she proudly carries the torch of both of her parents’ legacies through her
music career. She also counts artists like Aretha Franklin, Rance Allen, Luther Vandross, Whitney Houston, Tina Turner, The Staples Singers, The O’Jays, The Temptations and The Silver Hearts
as musical influences that helped shape her dynamic musical style.