Headed by Wendell Ralph, Psalms Group was formed as an “LLC” Corporation in 2008. Psalms Group is “Headquartered” in Atlanta, Georgia at One West Court Square, Ste. 750 Decatur, Georgia 30030. God chose Wendell to start the company with the mission to manage independent record labels (“Label Partners”) which create all genres of music that promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The company provides label management consisting of creative direction, marketing, promotion, manufacturing and distribution through IN grooves, the independent distribution arm of Universal Music Christian Group.


Meet the Staff

Psalms Group has a staff of seasoned music industry professionals that are dedicated to fulfill the mission of its operation. Psalms Group was chosen to reach today’s youth, joining others with the mission to bring a better message to this generation through song.

Wendell Ralph, CEO
Jessica S. Martin, VP of A & R
Roy Turner, Attorney



We are focused on building our artists’ global audience by working to grow their presence enabling them to reach the lost by spreading the Gospel of Jesus Christ while maintain complete control of their music.

The biggest challenges facing independent labels and artists today are: “How does my music get heard?” and “How do I break through the more than 70 million songs available to stream every day to build my fan base?”  

The above statement is true if you are only working to build a fan base, but if you are working to spread a message that prayerfully will change lives you need the support and understanding of a company like ours. 

Psalms Group understand its purpose and for the past 13 years have been preparing for a time like this! 

With the many great new partners, see listed below (because we understand the importance of Name Recognition) along with the wonderful young staff God has blessed us with to work Spotify, YouTube, FB/ADS we will reach the World with God’s Word