Quianna Crute ​

"Created To Worship" ​


Music can change the world because it can change people


James Scott, formerly known by the artist name “J-Soul”, is a Stellar Award Nominated Songwriter and Producer who has performed live before millions of people and appeared internationally on various television networks and radio stations. James’s extreme vocal ability has enabled him to share his gift throughout the world, singing as a lead vocalist as well as a background vocalist for several recording artists.


In her debut album, “Created to Worship”, esteemed praise leader and choreographer Quianna Crute creates a yoke-breaking, deliverance-inducing musical worship experience. The first single, “My Love Letter”, is just that… a powerful praise and worship composition that exposes Quianna’s heart for God in its rawest and most intimate state.



“The Trans4mation Continues” is a collective project from current and former artist that are or have been involved with Trans4mation Records. This album has a current and classic feel for all to enjoy. The purchase of this album goes directly to the funding of Trans4mation Ministries (T4M). T4M is mission minded to reach the lost with the Good News of Jesus.

J -NiBB​

J-NiBB recently received 2 awards for Hip-Hop Artist of the Year & Hip-Hop Song of the Year (Prevail), at the 11th annual Rhythm of Gospel Awards in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. His latest album ‘Resilient’ has been played in countries all over the world, receiving radio air play reaching the top 10, and charting on Billboard with his single “Prevail”. J-NiBB and Resilient are up for 13 awards this year.


The Chosen Aggregation ​

The Chosen Aggregation was established on October 16, 1993, in Atlanta, Georgia, under the direction of the Late Minister Dirk B. Chaney. Since its inception, the choir has been a Ministry of excellence and has remained committed to spreading the Good News through music and song.

J Mitch​

J Mitch, a native of the San Francisco Bay Area, established his own publishing company Ritchell’s Music” at an early age. He is an accomplished songwriter, composer, producer and performer. He’s written of film and performed in theater Film/Theater · His musical film work was featured in Hollywood with Paramount Pictures.



Headed by Wendell Ralph, Psalms Group was formed as an “LLC” Corporation in 2008. Psalms Group is “Headquartered” in Atlanta, Georgia at One West Court Square, Ste. 750 Decatur, Georgia 30030. God chose Wendell to start the company with the mission to manage independent record labels (“Label Partners”) which create all genres of music that promote the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The company provides label management consisting of creative direction, marketing, promotion, manufacturing and distribution through INgrooves, the independent distribution arm of Universal Music Christian Group.


Our distributor says: The biggest challenges facing independent labels and artists today are: “How does my music get heard?” and “How do I break through the more than 100 million songs that are streamed every day?” And we let them worry about that while we, in support of our artist’s through a relationship we call “Label Management”, team up with the artists as partners, assisting them with some financial support and services along with expertise in preparing their PR, Streaming and Radio campaigns team for their single and album releases. 

Which brings us back to the biggest challenge that was mentioned in the beginning by our partner Universal Music Group (UMG) , a company of thousands of capable music industry professionals that can be called up at any time.  

But if we do our job right to bring the release to the next level they only make more of their already agreed upon percentage…No chargebacks or any other non-since to the artists…

Music brings people together and brings happiness.

David K. Younghyun

A highly accomplished producer and mixing engineer with an impressive background in the music industry. A distinguished alumnus of Berklee College of Music, where he studied MP&E (Music Production & Engineering), David is currently based in the vibrant city of Los Angeles.  With his remarkable ear for sound and an innate talent for crafting sonic experiences, he his contributes to chart-topping hits on artists like Beyonce, Selena Gomez, Mary J. Blige, Adam, Adam Lambert, Lukas Graham, Lido, Twice, Lambert, Lukas Graham, Lido, Twice, JYP, Newjeans, Le Sserafim, and more.

Now, because of his love for the Lord he is working on his calling, by bringing the wonderful gifts listed above to artists on the Psalms Group label!  Along with the understanding of music Marketing and Promotions displayed in past negotiating skills to secure a co-founder and executive producer of PRAUS Records, enabling him to secure a partnership deal with Danal Entertainment, one of the biggest distributors in Korea.) . he will be a great assist in bringing God’s Word in music to the World.

Music is the universal language of mankind.